Friday, February 11, 2005

Your Pal Mike Responds - Question #1

These posts are a series that started with this post. Questions are still being accepted, feel free to ask one yourself.

Question: Why is life so screwed at times? When we're on top, it seems like we're never gonna fall but why when we do fall, it never seem like we'll be coming on top back again? Nothing that we do can make us say 'ahh.. I'm on the right track'. Most of the times, we'll end up saying 'darn.. I've been at this stage before and I'm falling yet again..'.

Deep question Hallaj,

Your Pal Mike responds:

I feel a metaphor coming on. Or hot air, I can never tell the difference.

*lights the incense

Imagine your life is a thread.

During youth, you are a thread in someone else’s pattern. As you reach adolescence, you begin to break free of this pattern, until you are a single thread, unencumbered by the pull of other threads. As such, you are free to move about in any manner. With this comes absolute freedom (late teens thru mid-to-late twenties). You are accountable to yourself, and only yourself. This produces wonderful highs, and disastrous lows - were you to place your thread upon the ground it would look similar to your favorite rollercoaster ride. Some people end up with the thread of their lives resembling a giant circle, doomed to repeat past mistakes in a viscous cycle.

As we age, we begin to intertwine with other threads; to build our own pattern. These interwoven threads constrict our own, preventing it from soaring uncontrollably to the highest heights, or the lowest lows. Life begins to take on the pattern of slowly rolling waves, a more consistent and fulfilling existence. Large waves may come, but they are buttressed by the weight of other threads, ensuring a quick return to the comforts of a life that is more predictable and rewarding.

Or, in a nutshell, buck up camper.

It gets better. Just make sure when you’re weaving the pattern of your life, you choose threading that compliments your own. Flimsy thread won’t provide you the support for those out-of-control moments, and thread that’s too firm won’t give you the freedom to live.

Choose wisely.


At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Hallaj said...

Beautiful way of putting it. Thanks for the answer dude, your thoughts are amusing. Thanks again for the respond :)

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