Friday, February 11, 2005

Your Pal Mike Responds - Question #4

These posts are a series that started with this post. Questions are still being accepted, feel free to ask one yourself.

Question: What are your recommendations for obligatory Father's Day/ Mother's Day gifts from one's children to one's ex-spouse, particularly when the ex-spouse is a supreme jerk? Generally, I have found it best to choose items that appear to be nice presents to the casual observer, but are calculated to offend or annoy the recipient. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for the question Mary in the Midwest,

Your Pal Mike responds:

Buying gifts for people you loathe can be a fun and rewarding experience. Books are the perfect gift, by all accounts they are nice to receive – but depending on your choice you can send a message that’s fun for the whole (dysfunctional) family.

How subtle you’ll need to be depends on how old the kids are, if they’re too young to read, try these:

Book 1
Book 2

These may be too blatant, or he may be a good dad and a jackass just to you. In that case, try this:

Book 3

And finally, here’s a present that will let him know exactly what you think of him (my personal favorite):


Hope one of these works out for you.


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